Rice Cakes

Rice and Corn cakes are a versatile snack that the whole family can enjoy. Our rice and corn cakes come in a variety of flavours, shapes and sizes so whether you want a multigrain crunch you can add your favourite topping to or an after-dinner treat, we have the perfect product for you. We also have new portion packed mini-formats, perfect for a guilt free snack on the go.

Lighten up your day Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes
Float on air Yogurt Flavoured Rice Cakes
The light treat with a dark side Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes
Not just for after dinner Dark Chocolate & Mint Flavoured Rice Cakes
A zesty snack Orange Flavoured Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes
Berry, Berry, Berry nice Triple Berry Yogurt Flavoured Rice Cakes
It's love at first bite Milk Chocolate Caramel Rice Cake Thins
One for you, one for all Mini Chocolate Rice Cakes – 6 x Snack Packs
They're great all rounders Mini Yogurt Rice Cakes – 6 x Snack Packs
One for you, one for all Mini Chocolate Rice Cakes – Share Bag
Doubly delicious Twin Pack Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes
When snack time rolls around Unsalted Rice Cake Thins