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New High Protein Cereals     

New High Protein Cereals  

Have you seen our new high protein cereals hit the shelves?

Having proven very popular, our new High Protein Muesli and Granola are here to stay!

High Protein Nuesli & Granola Group Shot

















Our High Protein Muesli and Granola are great if you’re active and looking to boost your protein intake at breakfast time, AND it’s great for your granny to up her protein intake too if she’s fond of muesli or enjoys the occasional bowl of granola!

Better than that, our High Protein Muesli and Granola can be enjoyed any time of the day with milk or yogurt or sprinkled over fresh fruit for an extra boost, the ideal healthy snack.

As more and more Irish people are enjoying the benefits of exercise, it’s important to remember that increased exercise places extra demands on the body, making it work harder. To perform at your best you need to train and fuel your body with the best. At Kelkin, we know that staying committed to healthy eating and exercise isn’t always easy and that’s where our delicious High Protein Muesli & Granola can help make the healthy choice the easy choice. With 20g of protein per 100g of muesli and 22g of protein per 100g of granola (100% more protein than existing Kelkin granolas and mueslis), these High Protein Cereals contribute to muscle growth and maintenance as well as the maintenance of normal bones. So much so, that as an official supplier to the IRFU, Kelkin is now supplying the Irish rugby team with this new High Protein range.


Kelkin IRFU Partnership