Popcorn is a light and tasty snack that the whole family can enjoy. Kelkin has a range of both Microwave and Ready to Eat popcorn. Our microwave popcorn comes in lots of different flavours including salted, butter and sweet & salty. Our ready to eat popcorn comes in many different sizes and formats – perfect for lunch boxes, sharing and on the go. Lastly, for those looking for a truly enjoyable popping experience, try our Popping Kernels. You can have lots of fun exploring adding different flavour combinations.

Popcorn Micro Popcorn Butter Flavour
Popcorn Micro Popcorn Cheese Flavour
Popcorn Micro Popcorn Original
Popcorn Micro Popcorn Original 50% Less Fat
Popcorn Micro Popcorn Original Big Value
Popcorn Micro Popcorn Sweet Salty
Popcorn Ready to eat popcorn
Popcorn Ready to eat popcorn 10 pack
Popcorn Ready to eat popcorn 6 pack
Popcorn Wholegrain Popcorn Kernels