Because it feels good!


It has long been believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ensuring we eat a good breakfast may be one of the most important dietary considerations we make!

At Kelkin we have a range of wholesome and delicious Mueslis, Granolas, Porridges and Oat Bran Flakes so that you have a wide choice of how you wish to start your day.

When we launched our range of tasty Granolas back in 2009, we had no idea how much you would love them! Triple Berry and Multiseed seem to be the favourites.

For die-hard muesli consumers, our Original Muesli cannot be beaten! It is a high quality cereal, with no added sugar but full of wholegrains, fruit and nuts – not for the faint hearted! For those who prefer a sweeter start to the day, our Honeycrunch Muesli hits the spot with a lovely blend of grains, honey cornflakes and delicious fruits. More recently we came up with a new recipe, an Easy Eat Muesli, inspired by those of you who told us you like a Muesli option without the nuts and ‘easier to eat’! This is an ideal cereal for all the family!

Wherever possible, we try to bring you products that offer benefits over and above other foods you can buy. The launch of our Healthy Heart range of cereals does just this – these delicious mueslis and flakes, while packed with taste and nutrition, also help to lower your cholesterol!

*Contains naturally occurring sugars.