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Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is increasingly recognized as playing an important role in sports performance. Good nutrition helps athletes and budding sports enthusiasts to train, perform and recover at their best. By following healthy eating guidelines and taking on board some extra tips and tricks, specific to your sport, you can help make sure that you’re doing your best by fuelling your body with the best.

Having a nutrition and hydration strategy set up and established will help you ensure the training you’re putting in will get the results you’re hoping for.

According to IRFU Performance Nutritionist, Ruth Wood-Martin, a healthy diet optimises performance by delaying fatigue and enhancing stamina, helping players give that last push before the whistle blows.

Have a read of our articles in the sections that follow. Each article is associated with an IRFU Eat2Compete Factsheet, providing you with extra information, direct from the IRFU Performance Nutritionists, what better place to get trusted information that works?