Because it feels good!

Our Brand & Philosophy


Our Brand & Philosophy

The Kelkin brand has been growing from strength to strength since its inception in 1976. From humble beginnings in Dublin, when a husband and wife team, Ken Kinsella & Liz Kelly, decided that it was their mission to make healthy foods easily available to Irish families. They named the company after themselves, Kel-kin and established the philosophy of making the healthy choice the easy choice for consumers.

nhf-logoKelkin is an active member of the Nutrition & Health Foundation (NHF). The NHF has a multi-stakeholder approach to addressing the health challenges of our nation, by bringing together industry, government, state agencies, internationally recognised scientists, health professionals and other relevant stakeholders. Its mission is to communicate evidence based information on nutrition, health and physical activity to encourage an improved and healthier society in Ireland.

Kelkin is now recognised as a leading Irish Health food brand with over 100 product lines available nationwide, with some lines exported to the UK and a limited range throughout Europe.

Our product range spans across many different categories such as, wholesome cereals, juices, free from foods, calorie controlled snacks, functional foods with added benefits, vitamin and mineral supplements and a natural skincare range. All of our products are clearly labelled with nutritional information and product health claims to make shopping a positive experience for consumers.

New product development is high on our agenda at Kelkin, where we work closely with our qualified dietician and passionate marketing team to ensure our strict values are adhered to in keeping with our ethos…making the healthy choice the easy choice, because it feels good.

Kelkin productsOur consumers tell us that it feels good to buy Irish brands. It feels good to eat products that you know are better for you and your family. It feels good to have a brand that you can trust for all your dietary requirements and vitamin needs. As part of a balanced and active lifestyle, it is our goal to ensure that our wide range of Kelkin products help you and your family lead a fuller life… because it feels good!

Kelkin… because it feels good!