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  • Breakfast Ideas

    A Happy Healthy Heart

    Your diet has a role in lowering cholesterol levels.

    Adding beta-glucan to the diet has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels by up to 10% by preventing the absorption of cholesterol from the gut. click for more »
  • Free From Range

    Free From Range

    Are you a coeliac or just cutting out wheat?

    We pride ourselves on our wide range of free from products... More people are choosing to cut gluten, wheat or dairy from their diets. It's no longer just coeliacs or people with intolerances who are buying free from products. click for more »
  • Bone Health

    Bone Health

    Bones are a living tissue.

    Calcium is a vital component for bone health, growth and development. Bones play many roles within the body providing structure, protecting organs and storing calcium. click for more »
Lunch Box Competition

Feeding your Family

Choose healthy snacks

Feeding the family can be a tricky task! To ensure everyone stays as happy and healthy as possible, nutrition plays a central role. Children respond well to positivity so instead of telling them what they cannot have try encouraging them to make healthier choices. Snacks can make up to a third of their calorie intake so good snack choices are important. read more here »